My Spicy Affair


I am cheating on salt and pepper.  With Cumin.

We are having a torrid affair and I can no longer keep it secret. When I’m with Cumin I feel alive—we do everything together; eggs, chicken, veggies. I’ve found the complete and perfect package, my soulmate. How do I know? When I’m roasting vegetables or squash or tomatoes I find myself thinking, ‘this would be so much better with Cumin…’. When I make any kind of soup, from broth to bisque, without cumin, I’m lonely and adrift. But when I include cumin? Fireworks! A crescendo! Finally, Cumin knows just when to have a light touch and when to come on strong. Cumin never embarrasses me in front of company and always adds just the right amount of flavor to any social situation. My friends approve, my children concur, and I just know that somewhere my parents are looking down and smiling; knowing that I’ve got it right. I’m shamefully unapologetic salt and pepper– but I’m leaving you! At least for now.

Although, is there some way or us all to be together? I’ve always wondered about a threesome……

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