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Debra Borden is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in NY and NJ and the author of two novels, LUCKY ME and A LITTLE BIT MARRIED. Her essays and articles have appeared in Women’s Health Magazine and the New York Times.  A pioneer in the field of Cooking Therapy, Debra is thrilled and grateful to be a part of the creative community of mental health professionals, writers, and foodies.


About Cook Your Marriage Happy

Finally, a book that explains and details what many of us have long known; cooking is a healing act and cooking therapy can be used to address real life issues. In specific sessions, through the use of individualized recipes, metaphor, and focus, the sous therapist will teach you how to use cooking as more than a way to make dinner, as a therapeutic tool to identify issues, prioritize needs, and crystallize your behaviors and patterns.

In Cook Your Marriage Happy the sous therapist will help you determine when to “stir the pot” when to “cool in the pan” and when to “chill for hours or overnight.”

Purposeful cooking can help to refresh the stale marriage, sweeten the sour relationship, or simply waken the sedated couple. Cooking Therapy addresses:

• Communication issues
• Disparity in desire
• Value conflict
• Family problems

And many more! But here’s a bonus: because cooking therapy is interactive, introspective, and tactile, you’ll also have fun! It’s a long way from your father’s therapy couch.


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Cooking Therapy: It Works!

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