Cook Your Marriage Happy

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Published by: CYH Press
Release Date: February 12, 2018
ISBN13: 978-0999871805


Cook Yourself Happy!

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How to lose the emotional weight without

  • Changing your job
  • Getting a divorce
  • Spending a fortune in therapy

Even if you're so stuck in old patterns that you can't imagine a new you...



Finally, a book that recognizes Cooking Therapy as a tangible therapy to address real life issues. In Cooking Therapy, you will identify behaviors, explore reactions and use metaphor, individualized recipes, and sessions to crystallize both helpful and harmful patterns. And oh, yes, you’ll also have fun!

Every couple has challenges, moments of frustration, anger and despair. Treatment centers and a variety of other settings incorporate therapeutic cooking into their programs. Now you can do the same, without the cost or inconvenience, with The Sous Therapist as your guide.

So maybe a side of self-esteem with that Steamed Salmon?

Cook your Marriage Happy is a timely, focused, purposeful and fun way to explore your path through the sauces and sautés of marriage.

Because in Cooking Therapy we focus on transforming the act of cooking into the act of healing.


  • Hard stale crust? Might make great croutons!
  • Bitter exchanges? Can we sweeten to taste?
  • Flavors don’t work? Add or subtract an ingredient.
  • Batter separating? Might need more stirring.
  • Burnt result? A little less heat.


"Borden’s approach to strengthening marriages with Cooking Therapy is unique and brilliant, setting this book apart with an innovative way to work through problems. Her light humor and wit are constantly entertaining, and her ability to extract metaphors from her recipes will give couples plenty to think about."
Kirkus Reviews (Read the full review)

"I appreciated Borden’s conversational-style of writing–you really feel like she’s having a friendly chat with you. In fact, she adeptly uses metaphors in her recipes..."
EatDrinkMadison (Read the full review)

"Cooking together can help ease negative emotions and make it easier to discuss such issues as fairness, perspective, responsibility and gratitude. Metaphors abound..."
Star Tribune (Read the full review)

"As the nuptial gods would have it, a new cookbook of sorts recently crossed my desk. Cook Your Marriage Happy (CYH Press, $14.95) by clinical social worker and self-titled “sous therapist” Debra Borden, explores cooking as a vehicle for marital problem-solving....After 23 years of marriage, I’ve got a whole new perspective on scallops — and Bittman’s bread pudding."
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Read the full review)