Debra has been the keynote speaker for a variety of organizations and large groups in a variety of settings where she addresses the broad topics of stress, anxiety, and self-esteem through the use of Cooking Therapy. Request Debra to speak at your event

“Debra Borden has taken the joy of cooking to the next level by enhancing the new idea of Culinary Therapy.  She is helping anyone who has to prepare a meal by using her unique ability to infuse a simple cooking lesson with valuable therapy techniques.  I have seen her present this concept to both large and small groups with tremendous success.  Debra has a warmth that radiates when she speaks, she is able to share her enthusiasm and love of cooking by bringing a whole new dimension to the preparation of a common everyday task.  Take the time to see her presentation, you will not only have something delicious to eat at the end but you will also have a valuable lesson to apply that you learned while cooking with the Sous Therapist!”
Jayne Petak, Past President of Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey

“Debra Borden, writing in her excellent books Cook Your Marriage Happy as The Sous Therapist, goes far beyond the simplistic idea of food as medicine or a mere source of calories or vitamins. Debra brings us deeper into the way our relationship with food planning and preparation bring us together to the table to break bread, heal ourselves and strengthen our relationships with one another. Debra has made a substantial, and delicious, breakthrough in this therapeutic area.”
James F. Marion, MD, Professor of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Director of Education and Outreach, The Susan and Leonard Feinstein Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, The Mount Sinai Hospital

“What a joy to have Debra discuss stress and demonstrate cooking therapy here at Bloomingdales. Our customers and staff were blown away by her presentation and the way that cooking can mirror behaviors and promote self-reflection. A truly unique, informative, and entertaining evening.”
Beth Sternberg, Bloomingdale’s Specialist

“Your creative insight into the simple art of cooking was a really fun addition to our program. Thank you for “stuffing” your heart and soul into every crevice of the weekend.”
Tammi Leader Fuller, CEO Campowerment

“Loved cooking mindfully, enjoyed the metaphors and sharing with my partner. Super idea!”
Session attendee

“Really enjoyed the session and the format with sharing with a partner worked really well!”
Session participant

“Her session was fun and informative. She is a lovely person and her approach is so unique!”
Session participant

“Debra’s cooking class facilitated deep conversation. I was surprised by how comfortable I felt sharing with my partner.”
Session participant

“Loved the concept of this session. She was fun and heavy at the same time. One of my favorite sessions.”
Group empowerment event attendee

“I got to talk to Debra on multiple occasions. She is an inspiring woman.”
Women’s retreat attendee

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