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Cook Yourself a ‘VACAY’

When it comes to comings and goings, I would much rather be the one leaving than the ‘leave-ee’.  Especially when someone is leaving on a vacation and you are the one left home doing the everyday. Ugh.  Talk about being primed for an invitation to a pity party. So, when that happens, I think it’s more than fair to indulge in massages, extravagant meals, and trinkets.  Note to self: I did not mean to do that much damage in Anthropologie. While I often don’t mind eating out alone, this is a perfect time to experiment with recipes that make you feel IMPORTANT!!!  A time to buy expensive spices like Cardamom and Saffron and specialty vinegars (champagne) and pricey Halibut at Whole Foods.  OMG 34.99 a pound! For me, it’s a vacation in the kitchen; my inner wild child loves to splurge on decadent ingredients.  And a lot less expensive than a trip to Aruba or an impulsive mid-life purchase like a Harley.  Full disclosure:  The only Harley I’m actually interested in pursuing is a Lab mix rescue dog named Harley at the local shelter.  But just because you’re having an ‘every day’ doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re luxuriously seated at [...]

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Food Bridge

I moved to a new town a few years ago, and had to change everything from doctors to hair stylists.  Sometimes this involved a little trial and error.  But in the very first nail salon I tried for my very first gel Mani in a new shop, I met Sue.  I’m still not sure that’s her real name; most of the manicurists are Korean and seem to have an awful lot of short American names:  Joy, Lyn, Rose, Amy.  I hope this says more about good Korean business sense than fickle American clients put off by foreign names. God forbid we are put off by getting our nails done by Soo Jin or Yun Hee. No matter, this is about Sue. Some people have a welcoming energy.  A warmth and positivity that embraces you as if you’re in immediate proximity to a bakery, a Cinnabon kiosk, or the muffin section of Costco as the goodies come out—that’s Sue.  And that’s my metaphor for a warm person in food terms.  Which you can always count on from me.  I once told a couple that he was like tuna fish and she peanut butter, both delicious but not together!  I digress. Sue’s English is [...]

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