Crazy, Imbalanced, and other Light Topics

The last few weeks saw the tragic loss to suicide of two notable icons in the fields of food and fashion, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain; though I knew neither personally, both lives spoke to me.  Anthony, from my first mind-blowing read of Kitchen Confidential and his future forays into the exotic, and Kate, for her grit, determination, confidence (forced or otherwise) and style.  I am still feeling the pangs of futility that they will not be here to further contribute to our culture, let alone the unimaginable pain for their families and friends. But I am also struck by the enormous and continued lack of real information and understanding of mental illness.  In the past few weeks, in addition to the heartfelt and true sympathies and wishes on social media, I've been stunned and often incensed by several other streams where well-meaning people offer platitudes for the masses, such as 'we all have flaws', 'we all get down sometimes', and 'everyone gets sad'.  Really???  One comment in particular told readers that 'anyone could call her' if they were 'blue' and she would take a walk with them and provide friendship.  Again, I know this is well-meaning.  But its also pompous.  How [...]