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Change It Up

Having worked in the addiction field I’m amazed, as most of us are, at the way insurance companies randomly deny treatment to those in need. One "reason" given for denying inpatient treatment is: The patient doesn’t have to leave the state to get treatment. (And yet, as most of us know, many states have subpar facilities and the best chance for success is often for a patient to leave his usual triggers, people, places and all of the dynamics that contribute to relapse.) This made me think of how ‘leaving’ or ‘interrupting’ patterns can be helpful in mental health in all its varieties. If you are in the midst of an unhealthy dynamic, a pattern of anxiety, a spiraling into sadness, perhaps it’s time to change things up as best you can. There are dramatic ways to do so and on a case by case basis it’s often appropriate to change jobs, cities, even spouses! But I would never encourage that without knowing you. However, as the Food Therapist I can most certainly say that if you are in an emotional rut, one prescription would be to go for a recipe, flavor, or food you’ve never tried. And by never I mean….NEVER! You [...]

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Birthday Slut

I confess, I love my birthday. This is not news to my family who I suspect writes the day on their calendars in BOLD 72 font lest they forget to call me or Facebook post at 12:01 am. But you may not be aware of just how serious I am. I begin the day earlier than usual, (why miss a minute), and answer every phone call like this: ‘Hello it’s me and it’s my special day!!’ Most people are still speaking to me. You know the folks who make you promise not to have a cake and sing happy birthday to them? What’s wrong with them??? I say, sing away, make a fuss, bring the pomp and the presents and oh yes, some jewelry never hurts. It’s my special day after all! This year lived up to all my expectations: Friends, family, way too much fried food (which in its own way extended the birthday a few days but that’s probably TMI) and no post-party depression in the morning. Although I did roll over in bed and quietly sniffle…it’s not my special day anymore. Sigh. Being the Food Therapist I was prepared with a morning after ‘pill’. Anticipating a low, I had [...]

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Star Struck in Sag Harbor

Walked into LT Burger in the Hamptons right behind Ina Garten and Jeffrey! Have been dreaming of that moment the way others dream of meeting George Clooney. Sat catty corner to them for the entire meal agonizing over whether I had the nerve to go over and say hello and/or whether or not I would be intruding. You must understand that I’ve been watching the Barefoot Contessa for years and recently, knowing I’d be spending considerable time in the Hamptons, have been saving all of the shows that highlight local farms, fisherman, and vineyards. I want to think this is because I trust and respect her taste but I think it may be more about running into her—and now, here I am, with the opportunity to touch her. Wait, did I say that out loud? I don’t care!! I want to touch her and talk to her and ask how she can possibly convey that calm, mesmerizing tone while camera crews and lighting techs zero in on her teaching us to create Montauk Seafood Salad (I’ve made it) and Sagaponack Corn Pudding (made it) and East Hampton Clam Chowder (yep, you got it). So I am in a trance-like state through dinner [...]

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My Spicy Affair

I am cheating on salt and pepper.  With Cumin. We are having a torrid affair and I can no longer keep it secret. When I’m with Cumin I feel alive—we do everything together; eggs, chicken, veggies. I’ve found the complete and perfect package, my soulmate. How do I know? When I’m roasting vegetables or squash or tomatoes I find myself thinking, ‘this would be so much better with Cumin…’. When I make any kind of soup, from broth to bisque, without cumin, I’m lonely and adrift. But when I include cumin? Fireworks! A crescendo! Finally, Cumin knows just when to have a light touch and when to come on strong. Cumin never embarrasses me in front of company and always adds just the right amount of flavor to any social situation. My friends approve, my children concur, and I just know that somewhere my parents are looking down and smiling; knowing that I’ve got it right. I’m shamefully unapologetic salt and pepper– but I’m leaving you! At least for now. Although, is there some way or us all to be together? I’ve always wondered about a threesome……

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