Blizzard Binge

Crazy weather in the northeast, 50’s and 60’s on the heels of record lows and here on a Sunday in February I find myself missing the cold. Am I the only one who actually likes a good blizzard? The more record-setting the better? For so many reasons but cooking foremost among them, a blizzard is my Powerball win. (Sure, its minus a billion or two but who needs money when you can whip up a smoky Turkey chili and 3 loaves of blueberry/banana bread?) What, you’re not buying it? I can’t hear you. Must be the 60 mph gale force winds outside my window. Binge was the word for my blizzard of 2016. Binge watching food shows, (Ina, Guy, that Pioneer woman and did I mention Ina?), Binge cooking (see above and add a poor attempt at a diet matzo brei–non-jewish friends please google matzoh, eggs, and vanilla OR how to go through 4 dozen eggs in one week each spring), and of course, Binge eating. Its no secret that ‘hunkering down’ lends itself to gluttony. Or maybe I should say gluteny? Yeah, that’s a little food humor guys. Okay, very little. As someone who tries to maintain her body weight as [...]