Lucky Me

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Published by: Crown Publishing Group
Release Date: March 28, 2006
Pages: 288
ISBN13: 978-1400082223


Julie Berman seems to have it all: a beautiful home in suburban New Jersey, a loving husband, a budding career  as a freelance journalist, and two great kids. To the outside world, her life is perfect, but behind the façade,  Julie is beginning to suspect that it’s only a matter of time before everything falls apart.

Among her worries is the very strong fear that she is turning into her mother–just as neurotic, just as crazy,  and just as consumed by appearances. Then there’s the handsome and quite single editor at the local newspaper  who is clearly interested in more than her prose, which wouldn’t be a problem if only he wasn’t so tempting. Add  to that her moody, monosyllabic teenage son who may or may not be having sex with a new girlfriend (whom Julie’s  not sure she approves of, sex or not) and some unexpected news from her parents, parents who have now begun to  name their household appliances based on how well they perform.

But the final blow comes in the form of a phone call from her daughter, who informs Julie that she plans to run off with her boyfriend… who just happens to be her college professor.

Lucky Me is a journey into a year when everything in Julie’s life comes to a head, and when she realizes that there are some things you can’t control, especially the people you love.

Lucky Me is for every woman who has ever felt–despite her most valiant efforts–less than perfect.


“Rant about, rave about … our latest Redbook Club Selection. Each month we share a brief excerpt from a book we love. Our selection for September 2005: Debra Borden’s Lucky Me.” (Redbook Magazine)

“A domestic goddess with a loving family cracks in this funny-yet-sad tribute to moms who keep chaos at bay on a daily basis.”
(Chicago Tribune)

“Parents are Talking About Lucky Me, by Debra Borden, a story about a suburban mom who seems to have it all but feels her world is falling apart.” (Child Magazine, August 2005)

No doubt about it, the dance of love — whether it’s a sweet two-step, an old-fashioned square dance or a dysfunctional tango — makes for entertaining fiction. Here are stories of women who decide to shake up their lives a bit, perfect easy beach reading.
(Susan Larson, The New Orleans Times)

“A talented new writer explores the challenges of family and parenting, loss, love, and growth, with infectious humor and touching sensitivity.…” (

“From the first look at the cover, I knew Lucky Me would be charming! This is a book that you’ll want to pass along to all of your friends because they’ll recognize themselves in this funny and fully satisfying look at the magic that is family!” (Robin Kall, Host, “Reading With Robin”, WHJJ 920AM, Providence R.I.)